Story of edhyayn

"The only constant in life is CHANGE." - Heraclitus

We agree. And, we believe that this change happens through learning. Learning and Sharing the knowledge increases productivity and efficiency in us. One thing which has to continue throughout life is learning and acquiring new knowledge. It helps us to explore new things, increases our horizon, develops our thinking and transforms us to the next level as an individual.

Sharing the knowledge with others is the reason we have moved so ahead and this is one thing which is behind our overall development as an Individual, as a society, as a Country and as a World.

Need for a new approach to 'Learning'

The current scenario of the education system focuses on grading based approach. The students are oriented with the limit to their specialization. The current education system is designed with the limited scope and framework that fails to inculcate the thought process. 

We at edhyayn believe that everyone should get the opportunity to learn new things, share their knowledge so that we can transform and become a responsible citizen. We believe in overall development, physical, mental and financial well-being. We also believe that providing an online platform will help others to access it anywhere and any time.

What is edhyayn?

edhyayn is an integrated knowledge sharing platform where knowledge is shared by experts so that the participants can transform, grow in personal and professional capacity.


To transform the values and develop socially responsible human beings with knowledge, wisdom and great thoughts.


Build an integrated knowledge sharing platform to empower the society with enhanced health, education, lifestyle and personality.


Being hungry to learn.

Believe in the power of knowledge.

Grow together by nurturing mutual relations.

Be passionate and determined.

Explore our ongoing knowledge sessions by world-class speakers on our website. Book online and join from the comfort of your home.

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