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edhyayn Influencers Program

Recommend Us and Earn Money.

Join the edhyayn Influencers Program. Promote our online sessions through your social network & messaging apps. Get Rewarded.


Fill the form and share your Social Media profile details to join the program.


Post our photos/videos/creatives of online sessions on your social media network and share via messaging apps.


Share the customers details who show interest in booking our sessions with us. We give you confirmation when the customers complete the booking process.


For all confirmed bookings made by customers after your recommendation, you earn money. See how it works. 

Terms & Conditions

How does the edhyayn Influencers Program work?

The edhyayn Influencers Program allows you to earn money by simply promoting edhyayn to your friends, family & followers. Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & WhatsApp as a Post or Story or Status or Direct Message. Recommend our online classes & knowledge sessions on your network and earn money on verified purchases!

Who can join the program?

The answer is 'everyone'. 

If you are a student, homemaker or a professional working from home, then this program is best for you.

We don't have any eligibility criteria like no of followers and any other engagement metrics of your social media presence.

How to promote and how to verify a purchase?

After you join the program, you can start promoting our services through any of the methods mentioned above. 

Whenever you share posts or stories or status or direct message on your network, interested customers will contact you or us to book our online sessions. We confirm their booking and payment. 

We will share with you the booking confirmations of all the bookings generated through your network.

You can also verify the same by directly talking to customers who had shown interest.

How do you earn money?

For all the confirmed paid bookings, we share a significant portion of the booking amount with you. The payment will be transferred to your bank account in a flexible payment cycle i.e. instant, weekly, monthly.

So, get started and become an 'edhyayn Influencer' by simply submitting few details. Click here to join.

You can explore our ongoing knowledge sessions here.

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