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Making knowledge accessible.

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Who are we?

The team at edhyayn have for some time been pondering on whether change is the one reality that we can always count on?

Can change be joyful and adventurous? Can it make evolution an amazing journey?

With these questions in mind, the team at edhyayn started their journey of change through learning.

Learning for fun, learning for knowledge, learning for skill enhancement and much more…..

And edhyayn was born.

edhyayn is an integrated knowledge sharing platform. This knowledge is shared and delivered by our experts to bring about an overall development of the mind, body and spirit.

edhyayn believes that everyone should be given equal opportunity to learn new things and enhance their capabilities. The learning programs would be available for all to access from anywhere in the world at any time.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” - Mahatma Gandhi

With a firm belief in this powerful message by Mahatma Gandhi, we aspire to take India forward through digital learning. Our programs conducted by industry thespians of their field are meant to cover the breadth and depth of learning. edhyayn through its offshoots would also be targeting and exploring the interests of Global India, Corporate India and Gen Next among others.

At the end of the day, we would want each individual through this knowledge sharing platform to recognize and record their talents and achievements and climb the ladder of self-actualization”. 


To help individuals attain the level of self-actualization with the power of knowledge, wisdom and great thoughts.


Build an integrated knowledge sharing platform to empower the society through advanced learning and self-development.


Core Values:

  • Innovation

  • Drive to excel

  • Personalized learning

  • Being real

  • Simplicity


Sunil Patil


With over 16 years of experience in IT, back office operations and e-learning space, Sunil looks after business, strategy and expansion at edhyayn.

When he’s not strategizing in office, you will find him with his four-legged fur buddy - 'Messi' exploring the hills in and around Pune. He loves the outdoors and is an avid cyclist and bike rider.

Shruti Mantri


With over 8 years of experience in the field of education, Shruti looks after program designing and customer relations at edhyayn.

She enjoys her cup of coffee and admits that soulful music and coffee are an unparalleled combination.

Pratima Sarvekar


From being a Lecturer to managing a successful Play School, Pratima has over 10 years of experience handling multiple roles in the field of education. She looks after day-to-day organisational functioning and Faculty Relations at edhyayn.

She loves spending time with family and friends. If not working, you will most probably find her at a city library searching for interesting reading material.